Monday, August 17, 2009

You're A Failure

At work I fax information to banks and credit unions in order to receive funding for car deals. After faxing, I have to wait a few minutes to see if it goes through. If it does, the printer prints a sheet that says “Successful Fax”. Whenever I receive this notice I take it personally - I truly feel like the copier is complimenting me. I think to myself “you are a success!” However, the opposite also follows when a notice comes through with “Fax Failure”. There is nothing more distressing then being told by a copy machine that you are a failure.

Today I have had four failure notices.

I need a self-esteem boost.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Destination Wedding

Weddings are brilliant events that facilitate a time to visit with family and friends. For example, my brother, Tyson just got married this past week and all of our family was accounted for as my two sisters and their husbands flew in from Irvine and the Broncs to celebrate with us.
Our new family, which now includes Tyson's bride Sophia.

While I love the fact that I have the opportunity to see my family, I cannot deny that I'm weddinged out. Tyson's wedding marks the second sibling wedding this year. Not only that, it is the second wedding that has used the venue of our new home for hosting the reception. While weddings are fun to attend, hosting one or being a part of the wedding party is not as enjoyable...I have witnessed how wedding stress transforms lovely, brilliant people into emotional and scary individuals.

So, for this reason that I have promised myself and my family a destination wedding. I believe a destination wedding will allow everyone to avoid the stress of planning and hosting a large party. So if you love me enough you will find a way to get to the destination where you will enjoy a small, simple, non-stressful affair.