Monday, March 21, 2011

Accordion Love

It's one of my life goals to date/marry someone who plays the accordion. It's super nerdy and random. I blame it on:

Enjoying French films

That it's an instrument firmly rooted in folk music

Being in love with Beirut for five years

The fact that it has bellows, and I like saying that word.

The memory of an old, Florentine restaurant owner who came and played his accordion while we ate dinner

And that accordionists are just plain sexy

I also have a thing for guys who play the banjo.


  1. Banjo? I take it your a Mumford and Sons fan then...

  2. i've been waiting for you to confess this on your blog since the day we met.

  3. Christmas 2008: My dad gave my mom an accordion because she loves any and all musical instruments, particularly the more obscure ones. It was the best Christmas ever because my mom was as surprised and ecstatic as a little kid usually is about presents from Santa about that accordion.

    Why don't YOU learn to play and then fall in love with your accordion teacher?

  4. have you heard of devotchka??? they have an accordian/keyboard/violin player who is bearded and balding and i've never been so shamefully attracted to someone.

  5. omg playing the accordion was seriously a childhood dream of mine. i talked about it all the time in elementary school! i think they are rad and i fully support you in being with an accordion-playing man. @jordyn, the more i hear about your family, the more i want to be a part of it.