Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Breathless Coupe de Cheveux

Breathless. It's a movie directed by Jean Luc-Godard that is on several lists of the best movies of all time. While taking one of my french courses last spring, I attempted to watch it. I must be the most terrible "elitist" in the history of blogging, because I got bored and didn't finish it. Don't worry though, some "elitist" goodness came out of it - I fell in love with Jean Seberg's haircut.

As spring and summer are approaching, I'm tempted to just chop off all my hair into this chic, boy hair cut.

Of course she is has the better face, but I think we sort of similar face shapes. So it could potentially work, right?

Oh who am I kidding? Only Natalie Portman and Emma Watson can pull off this short of a haircut.


  1. Do it. I think you could ROCK that hair for sure.

  2. Haa. I totally didn't see this before I made that fb comment.
    I think you should totally go for it. !!!!!