Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Home: The John Taylor House

Welcome to my new home: The John Taylor House. It is called the John Taylor House because one of his wives lived here. It's actually an amusing story. So John Taylor lived in the neighboring brick house and after he died, one of his polygamist wives - who detested one of the other polygamist wives - built her own house on the property. She built it on an angle so neither of them could not see each other from their windows. Talk about polygamist drama - Sister Wives has nothing on my house.
Yes, I'm living in a polygamist home. There are girls who live above me, so I guess you could call it a polygamist home or a brothel. My friend who goes to Syracuse for her doctorate lived in a house that they had to make into two separate apartments because according to New York State law, if a certain amount of girls lived in a house together in a house it is considered a brothel. So take your pick between brothel or polygamist home.

Here is the entryway to my basement apartment in the John Taylor House.

Here is my kitchen. One of my favorite things about this house is the shelves with the original
industrial heater
below. I cannot wait to fill the shelves with antique plates
and milk glass vases.

Another favorite feature is the archway over the shower and tub.

I think industrial, accordion heaters are fantastic. I can't tell you why, but I just love them. Perhaps it is because they are shaped like an accordion? We all know how much I love accordions.

Because I do not have any furniture yet, I've stacked all my books in the window seal to keep the floor clear. Although not having furniture is a bit frustrating at the moment, it is also exciting. I can decorate an apartment in a style that I like; I've decided to go with the mid century Danish style. I feel like Liz Lemon, because I've had the awful urge to nest lately, but I'm not married - I'm such a terrible specimen of a Mormon girl - and so I have not really been in a situation or had the excuse to nest. Thank goodness I got in the graduate program, because now I can use that as an excuse.

Here is the view from my bedroom. (There are two bedrooms in this apartment; I'm looking for a roommate to move in June if anyone is interested). I've actually come to prefer the view from a basement apartment; you get to see all the trees and flowers better. You can tell I'm really in love; I'm even finding it's faults - being in the basement - charming.

So if your in town, come visit me at my polygamist apartment.


  1. Yayayyaya this makes me so happy! I am coming back to see you and your house asap

  2. So cute. SO cute. And I am excited for you!

  3. LOVE the wall color...I'm a turquoise freak

  4. I'm actually going to paint over them Jordyn...sorry!

  5. hillary, i freaking love it. it's perfect!