Monday, March 2, 2009

A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left

A nuance develops from the line “a nervous tic motion of the head to the left” when you watch the Andrew Bird’s emotionally charged head swinging during a performance. I watched Andrew Bird in concert this summer, but a less than ideal venue lessened the impact of the show. But this week I witnessed the full fledged musical prowess of Andrew Bird. Can I just say, I love this man? I love when he finishes playing the guitar and swings it behind his back and picks up his violin and begins to play. I also love it when he whistles…there is something – dare I say sexy – about his charisma.

My Reasons for Worshiping Andrew Bird:

1. He plucks his violin like a guitar to create complicated and brilliant melodies
2. He improvises and experiments with songs during live performances
3. World class whistler - he harmonizes with his whistling
4. He’s plays the violin beautifully
5. Overwhelming charisma on the stage

He the quintessential image of a slightly mad, but ingenious violinist: broken bow strings flailing madly, his fingers moving at incredible speeds, eyes closed and his head tossing to the rhythm. But, what’s amazing is that this classical image contrasts with his innovative and modern application of the violin. He takes an instrument associated with classical music and shreds it like a guitar on stage – he forcibly changes our conformist ideas of the violin.

Favorite Songs of the Evening:

1. Effigy
From his new album, the Noble Beast, this song is hauntingly beautiful.
2. Imitosis
The crowd’s energy rose to a whole new level for this song
3. Fake Palindromes
4. Fitz and Dizzyspells
5. Why?
Encore performance: just Andrew Bird and his instruments. His articulation of his lyrics and physical gestures enhanced the meaning of this songs…it was hilarious at certain points.

Also, my friend Holli will back me up on this…he reminds us of David Tennant. I must have a thing for skinny, quirky, brilliant individuals with somewhat spastic endearing gestures


  1. I just listened to "Effigy" and oh my gosh.

    Hello, wonderful.

  2. I'm right behind you, Hillary. There is definitely something Tennantesque about Andrew Bird. Incredibly talented, and yes, incredibly sexy. I'm so glad we got to share that experience. The encore was so phasing!

  3. brilliant. him... and you. blah. i wish i could write, even your list making skills are commendable.