Saturday, April 30, 2011

Remaining Sane: A Stroll Down the Keep Calm Gallery

I have been stressed, a procrastinator, annoyed,
frustrated, lazy, and tired of things not working out these past few weeks. Depressing, right? Then I came across this website called the Keep
Calm Gallery. It is perfect because I needed to attend a virtual gallery that instructed me to remain calm and carry on. I highly recommend taking a stroll down the Keep Calm Gallery, so that you can find some sanity as well.

You know what, the world is my oyster. I'm going to make this damn world into a pearl if it is the last thing I do.

I will make a salad tonight. I've totally abandoned healthy eating now that I no longer have my little brother to cook for, but I will not longer neglect eating my greens.

My eyes have been bothered by my contacts lately. I wonder if this is a poignant metaphor for my life or just a sign I need to visit the optometrist. Either way, I fear
something is wrong with this beholder's eyes.

Hmmm...the damage of gossip. Yes, a very important lesson to learn. I need to stop complaining and speaking ill of the world in public blogs.

I seriously want to frame this and place it in my kitchen.

As I'm trying to move and pack up this week, I hope that I can keep all my belongings.

Thanks, Keep Calm Gallery - it's been a fruitful stroll down the gallery.

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  1. i have always been a fan of the keep calm and carry on poster. it is now, however, the most over used poster in any seemingly "hip" 20-something year-old's apartment. i still want it.