Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Régine Chassagne is a Rockstar

This blog post is way overdue. Typical. I am a notoriously talented procrastinator. Ironically, blogging helps me be a procrastinator in other facets of my life, but this time I've procrastinated blogging about the Arcade Fire concert that I went to a week ago. It's about time I saw them in concert. Two years ago,I had the opportunity to see the perform but I decided to stay home and write a paper. That is a big regret - and I don't often believe in regretting things. Now I regret that decision even more, because their concert last week was incredible.

Their use of film was genius. Some of it was disquieting: i.e. black and white film of women swimmers treading water. My favorite clips were during the song, "The Suburbs." It showed teenage kids messing around on their bikes in front of their houses. The combination of that and the song made me extremely nostalgic: I want to be a kid during the summertime again.

One of my favorite songs they performed was "Intervention." Before singing, they prefaced it with mentioning how a dollar of our ticket money was going to support Haiti. I love how they are still supporting Haiti. Years after a disaster - when everyone forgets - is the crucial rebuilding period; they need the support more than ever. That coupled with the lyrics, "Oh! Who's gonna reset the bone?" almost made me tear up.

But the highlight of the concert was Régine Chassagne.She is a rock star. My friend Kylie always says people are rock stars, but she is the real deal. These are the reasons she is a rock star:

1. She plays the accordion

2. She plays multiple instruments, which is the sign of a gifted musician.

3. Her outfits

4. She is Canadian
I love Canadians. I cannot wait for my road trip to Prince Edward Island this summer, and to see my Canadian friend Janet when she gets back from studying abroad in New Zealand.

5. Her dancing
Oh my goodness, her dancing is a revelation. It's eccentrically raw. It is refreshing to see someone not restrict and conform their emotions to movements that society views as "normal dancing."

When she was singing Sprawl II, she spun around swirling the colorful ribbons on her tambourine...sigh...there are no words for that moment.


  1. "black and white film of women swimmers treading water." one of the most bizarre things i have ever seen.

  2. ahhh you make me want to go to wonderful concerts all summer!