Monday, December 21, 2009

Scholarly Stalking

My scholarly stalking began about two months ago while looking at literary journals in my areas of interest: Renaissance and British Modernism. In one of the Shakespeare journals, I perused reviews of Shakespeare productions for the season - more specifically the RSC’s production of Hamlet starring David Tennant. I wanted to see how my crush, David Tennant, fared at the hands of the literary elite. This marks a new development in stalking resources, at least for me, by utilizing scholarly journals to creep on attractive Scottish actors.
Well my tastes have developed since this original outing – I’ve matured in my creepiness. Now I’m stalking scholars for their ideas and not handsome British actors for superficial reasons (e.g. attractiveness). But sometimes these two worlds collide. For example, while looking at the current projects of English professors at the University of Chicago, I found an extremely handsome professor. Alas, our passions in literature do not collide in a beautifully serendipitous way.
So if you are a creeper, which everyone in this technologically advanced age is, do not overlook the more erudite methods. Check out those scholarly journals and perhaps stalk a few scholars while you’re at it. In other words, if you're going to stalk do it intelligently.