Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Pillow Incident

Preface: I could smell a stench that resembled a marshmallow being lightly toasted by campfire. With such an extensive room full of girls who flat iron and curl their hair I simply assumed the smell to be coming from some sort of hair device. With this reasoning I continued to work on my new blog until this dialogue took place.
Rebecca: What is that smell? Is something burning?
Hillary: I don’t know I think that it’s next door.
Rebecca: I think it’s your pillow!

Rebecca pulls my pillow which is lying against my reading light and rising from my pillow is a trail of visible and distinctive smoke and charred innards! My light bulb had heated my pillow to the point of being flammable!
Conclusion: Tonight I will suffer sleeping through the delightful stench of campfire fun with a deformed and disgusting defaced pillow. An eventful beginning to a blog…to say the least.

Huzzah for blogs!

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I apologize in advance for any future mistakes. Facebook is brilliant, but it does not reach to the older generations. So I'm broadening my networking in order to spread my experiences and thoughts while I'm in London this semester. Enjoy!