Friday, July 22, 2011

Manchester United vs. Seattle Sounders

On my bucket list - along with items such as seeing Michelangelo's David - is to attend a Manchester United match at Old Trafford. While I did not see them play at Old Trafford, a few days ago I saw Manchester United play the Seattle Sounders. I had given up hope in buying a ticket; people were saying that acquiring tickets to this game was harder than Superbowl tickets. Yet, a miracle occurred as my brother Tyson bought two tickets off his friend the day of the match. Little did I know that Tyson's friend has the best tickets in Qwest stadium. I was literally thirty feet away from my idols; it was surreal.

Let me set the stage for one of the best nights of my life.

The team entered for warm ups with the captain leading the way. As a side note, my little brother Andrew finally converted to the Vidic fan club. I've always loved Vidic no nonsense style of defense, but after seeing him in person I officially have a crush on him. Goodness, the man is built. It is a well known fact that footballers are the most "fit" athletes (both denotation and British connotation apply), but Vidic is an exceptional example. Seriously, if you looked up athlete in the dictionary, his picture would be right next to it. So statuesque...

Then the team warmed up. Here is a picture of them doing what seems to be ninja warm ups, because they are soccer ninjas.

Here is the team returning from warm ups: I spy Rooney.

67052 fans made a tie died mural of green (supporters of the Sounders) and red (supporters of Man United). As I stated on my facebook: see all that red and green? Christmas has come early, and Rooney is the jolly old man that brings gifts to the kiddies: a hat trick in twenty minutes. But I'm getting ahead of myself here; I don't want to ruin the narrative I have going by giving away the ending.

Then Chihuly showed up. Random right? This narrative is getting a bit postmodern. Isn't he the epitome of a brilliant artist with his grey fro and eye patch?

Manchester United went out there and scored two goals, and we were on the end that witnessed them up close. Honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than a goal - everything must align perfectly for it to occur. Here is a picture of them celebrating after a goal.

Second half Man U showed us that the Sounders that are literally and metaphorically out of their league. They scored five goals in the half; Wayne had three of those goals. Here is one of my favorite pictures, because it has Rio, Rooney, and Vidic in it.

The final score was 0 to 7, and here is the man of the hour: Wayne Rooney. He made all of his goals seems effortless. Here is the best picture we have of him. It is not the most attractive photo; as one of my favorite youtube video says, "he's no oil painting," but his work on the pitch is art.

Thus ended one of the best nights of my life. If my narrative has failed to show the brilliance of this night, watch but this, and all is mended.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meeting Will & Kate on P.E.I

Okay, we did not meet Will and Kate on P.E.I, but we missed their royal visit by a few days. Instead, we trekked to the hotel that they were going to stay in. We were so disappointed. If we had known about their visit to the small Provence, we would have stayed a few extra days. Can you think of a more perfect way to bump into the royal darlings? I mean, they are stranded on a small island that is not too heavily populated; perfect stalking situation. I am positive that if Kate and I met, we would be best friends. 

I mean, Kate and I would surely have met because we frequent the same classy institutions on P.E.I. For example, I am sure we would have met at the Lobster Supper: a brilliant restaurant located in a former V.F.W. hall that is popular among the local geriatrics. If we had stayed a few more days, Kate would have worn the bib next to me. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Victoria, P.E.I

Victoria is a tiny town on the coast of Prince Edward Island. Although you can walk down main street in under 200 steps, this cozy coastal village became my favorite town that we visited in PEI. We originally visited it because it is well known for its functioning light house. 

But one thing that the guidebook did not mention is that there are three Newfies - Newfoundland dogs - that populate Victoria and hang out together.  Did I mention how large they are? They are bigger than my sister-in-law Sophia (see picture for evidence). On the left is Rufus; his owner decided to give him a lion haircut...possibly the greatest decision ever.

In such a small town--where the Newfie population rivals the humans-- they produce some fantastic dinning. Of course my mother, who is obsessed with chocolate, managed to locate the chocolatier in Victoria.

It is an adorable shop with peonies blooming in the front.

Most adorable antique/art shop.

Oldest tree in P.E.I

Victoria is also right on the coast, so we went to the beach afterward.

Yeah, Victoria is pretty great.