Monday, September 19, 2011

Downton Abbey Series 2

Downton Abbey is brilliant. It is perhaps one of the best mini-series ever produced by BBC/Masterpiece Classic. I would know, I have watched about every mini-series that they have filmed. It's not just me who is raving about Downton Abbey; the show received six primetime Emmy awards. How could they overlook such a masterpiece (notice the pun)? The cinematography is gorgeous, the clothing and sets are lovely, the acting is wonderful, the characterizations are fantastic and the time period is so intriguing....sigh.

Yesterday was the premier of Downton Abbey in the UK. Sadly, the US does not get to see it until January 8th. I have read all the blogs and magazine articles about this upcoming season because I simply cannot wait. Some of the information was not pleasing to the ears: Mary and Matthew both are engaged to other people. It should be an interesting installment with the waves of change crashing more heavily than the first season. It will be an even more precarious balancing act between tradition and Modern disenchantment brought on by the horrors of the Great War. I get chills just thinking about it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

U-Pick Dahlias

I left home this summer before the Dahlia season began. I didn't have the opportunity this summer to follow the "U-Pick Dahlia" sign in my neighbors yard to find a pair of scissors and arranged bouquets in a tent with a small mason jar to collect the five dollars fee for a bouquet.

My aunt just visited my mom in Seattle and came directly to Utah to see her daughter; she hand carried a bouquet of Dahlias on the flight for me. This is the best gift of the summer. My mom is the best.

Dahlias are summer's brilliantly colored, final hurrah to celebrate the closing of the season.
Again, sorry about the quality of the photos. I really need a camera.